At Jibble Group we're building the next world-class workforce management and payroll Software-as-a-Service through two of our main products: Jibble and PayrollPanda. We're one of the leading HR SaaS businesses in South-East Asia, with 4,000+ paying customers across 50+ different markets.

Our team of close to 90 people and our product team of 30 works 100% remotely across 13 different countries within Europe and Asia Pacific, aiming to help businesses save time, money, and unleash their human potential.

  • Competitive salary package

  • Annual equity grants

  • Personal development budget

  • Remote working environment

  • Annual product team meet-ups

  • Medical & dental coverage

  • Siow Yee Tung

    Business Development

    “ One exciting thing at Jibble Group is that you get to meet colleagues from all around the world while on the job! ”

  • Ilya Lukienko


    “ If you're looking for a place to grow and take on more responsibility, this is the place to be! ”

  • Jost Schulte


    “ Working for Jibble is the best job I’ve had in my life so far! ”

Meet Some of Our Team Members

  • Asim

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Fawad

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Isabelle

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Tiffany

    Group Head of HR

  • Sani

    VP of Product

  • Mikhail

    VP of Development

  • Toine

    VP of Revenue

  • Arsen

    Product Manager

  • Daniel

    Product Manager

  • Yi Hui

    Product Manager

  • Hazel

    Product Designer

  • Victor

    Product Designer

  • Alex G

    Senior Developer

  • Dino

    Senior Developer

  • Roman Z

    Senior Developer

  • Vladimir

    Senior Developer

  • Pedro

    QA Engineer

  • Roman K

    Senior Developer

  • Ilya

    Mobile Developer

  • Alex K

    Mobile Developer

  • Amirrul

    Business Development

  • Jost

    Senior Developer

  • Ann

    Customer Success